The Track Bridge Ensures Better Access to Sermermiut

New track bridge from Ilulissat city through the Sermermiut Valley to Ilulissat Icefjord.
In 2008 a 1.5 kilometer (1 mile) long track bridge was built from the city to the Icefjord. The purpose was to ensure that all users would have easy and safe access to the most popular part of the World Heritage Area. Particularly people wheeling a pram or using a wheelchair have been pleased with the opportunity to visit the Icefjord. During recent years the increasing number of visitors has intensified the wear and tear on nature and prehistoric remains. The bridge contributes to lifting this pressure off the environment. 
The track bridge spans the terrain and adjusts its structure to the landscape it traverses. It is built of untreated pine and larch which over time will take on a subdued grey colour. This solution was chosen over for instance a track on the ground, because of the marshy ground and UNESCO’s requirement that no permanent changes be made in the area. At the end of the track bridge, a stairway leads to the view point opposite the Kællingekløften