Ilulissat Icefjord Center

Kangiata Illorsua - The Icefjord Center opened in July 2021

With a unique location at the entrance to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Icefjord Center sets new standards for how culture and nature can be combined. With financial funds from the partnership between REALDANIA, The Greenlandic Government and Avannaata Kommunia to carry out the construction, it was the Danish architect Dorte Mandrup who won the architectural competition in a sharp race between international architectural firms. After a construction period of around 2 years, the Icefjord Center opened for its first visitors on 3 July 2021.

The center now gives visitors a good introduction to both glaciology, nature conservation and cultural history through a modern exhibition with visual effects. The center is organizationally placed under the self-governing institution Greenland Visitor Center, which intends to establish similar visitor centers in five other locations in Greenland.

With the opening of the Icefjord Center, the direct communication to guests will be moved from the Icefjord Office to the Icefjord Center. The Icefjord office is now mainly responsible for management, supervision, maintenance and coordination tasks within the World Heritage Site.

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