Take Good Care of the Icefjord

The World Heritage Area Ilulissat Icefjord has more visitors than any other area in Greenland. The vast majority go to see a relatively small part of the World Heritage Area. This requires a focus on responsible behaviour while visiting the area. 
  • Do not litter – not even toilet paper. Everything needs to be returned to the city, since decomposition of biodegradable matter is extremely slow in the Arctic Region.
  • Use the marked trails, as far as possible.
  • Respect the archaeological areas.
  • Do not walk on ruins or graves, and stay on the walking bridge in Sermermiut.
  • Show consideration to the other visitors – especially those whose walking might be impeded.
  • Ask permission before you photograph people.
  • If you go for a walk or ski in the dog sledge tracks, you should constantly be aware of passing dog sledges. When dog sledges pass by, you should keep considerable distance to the tracks.
  • The Arctic nature is vulnerable. Do not pick flowers or destroy the plants in the area in any other way.
  • Respect the fact that your pilot or guide keeps a safe distance in the mountains, to people, and to animals. The safety distance to icebergs should be a minimum of ten times the height of the iceberg above the water level.
  • Use your common sense and do not put your life at risk – if in doubt, turn back.

In order to follow up on any problems, Ilulissat Icefjord Office would like to hear from you in case you experience irresponsible behaviour in the World Heritage Area.

Consider the Environment when You Travel  

The World Heritage Area Ilulissat Icefjord is often used as an example of the consequences of global warming. We recommend that you use the least intrusive type of transport when you visit the World Heritage Area, and that you consider the possibility of using the various airlines’ offers of CO2 neutralizing your trips to and from Greenland.