The winner of the architectural competition Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter

14. December 2016


Dorte Mandrup Architects has now created a visionary building with respect for the special UNESCO-protected nature area. The upcoming Isfjordscenter in Ilulissat to develop tourism in Greenland and contributing to the understanding of climate change. A tourist attraction of international caliber has come a step closer with the choice of Dorte Mandrup Architects' proposal for a Isfjordscenter at Ilulissat. The center will help to develop Greenlandic tourism and be the world's gateway to understanding the Ice Fjord and not least the culture, the history and the significant melting of the ice cap. The parties behind the establishment is Greenland, Qaasuitsup Municipality and Realdania. - We have chosen Dorte Mandrup Architects' proposal because it is a very poetic and visionary project whose architectural whole support the overall vision beautifully. The new building will with respect for the landscape part of a great interaction with the spectacular natural area, spokesman for the panel of judges Jan Søndergård, a professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and partner in KHR architects.