Architectural teams visiting Ilulissat

This week (week 43) gets Ilulissat visited by a number of the people who will help to build the new icefjordcenter
20. October 2015


Among the guests are the six architectural firms selected to come up with their proposals for the new building. Isfjordscentret must both tell the story of Ilulissat Ice Fiord and act as a meeting place for locals and tourists.

 The architects will visit the town and the Ice Fjord and having a lot about ice, nature, culture and history. All so that they can find the most suitable building to the very special nature area. This calls for a modest building that works with nature and the magnificent surroundings.

The six architectural teams must in summer 2016 make their bid for the right building. After the summer, selected the project goes ahead.

Isfjordscentret, inter alia, will help to strengthen tourism, is scheduled for completion in autumn 2019. The center is constructed in a collaboration between the municipality, Naalakkersuisut (Greenland Homerule) and the Association Realdania.