New intern at the Icefjord Office

The Icefjord Office has recruited a new intern, the 26-year-old Mie Falck, read about her experience here:

On a daily basis I read Culture and Communication at graduate level at University of Southern Denmark in Odense and I have a BA in Library and information science. I came to Ilulissat for the first time for study trip in September 2011 to do a pilot project on climate tourism. Along the path I got in touch with the Icfjord Office and did a terrific interview with the staff.

When I came back to Denmark I felt that I was far from finished with Greenland and along the way I had also acquired a great interest in the Icefjord Office and the work that takes place there. Therefore, I contacted them in the fall of 2011 and signed a contract concerning my current internship, which extends until the summer 2012.

During my internship I am included in the daily work and not least some of the many projects underway at the office. My first and so far largest project is a part of the Icefjord Office dissemination strategy and relates to signs and leaflets. It aims to develop new signs and leaflets about the World Heritage Site. It aims to be a long term project meaning .that the finished product shall be used for many years. The project is funded through DANCEA funds (The Danish Environmental Protection Agency's Arctic development pool). In addition, I regularly engage in various other projects, including help to create a social-media film about Ilulissat Icefjord.

My experience of having moved to Ilulissat is only positive. I have from day one felt incredibly welcome, not least among my fantastic colleagues. The chemistry, the atmosphere and openness in the workplace could not be better. Everyone I've met has been and is very approachable, interested and helpful, both at work and in private contexts.