A common walk on the shortest day of the year

On the 21st of December 2011 we went for a walk with approx. 50 participants from Qaqiffik to Sermermiut.

The participants carried lamps and lanterns, and Hotel Hvide Falk donated about 5 torches we could use.
The walk started around 16:05 - we were just waiting for the stragglers who were on their way.
I was pleasantly surprised since we only had brought 36 goodie bags as we did not expect a huge turnout. Luckily there were no complaints when it turned out that we did have enough goodie bags for everybody.
We trudged off into the protected area by Sermermiut approx. 7-800 meters down and gathered and sang "Pinneqaaq Qilassuaq" (Lovely is the sky blue), while lamps, lanterns and torches provided a bit of light. It was a wonderful moving experience. When we had sung and thanked each other for the walk, we quickly went right back – since it was fairly cold -19.2 degrees and a little contrary wind from the east.

Aron Petersen, Unesco Park Ranger